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Phillip Island Camp 2017

5 June 2017 | General Interest

In Term 2 the senior students went to camp at Phillip Island. There werecamp4 a number of activities at the camp ground for the students to do, flying fox, archery, trampoline, low ropes, the climbing wall and the giant swing. Many students mastered their fear and attempted these activities.

camp5The groups also visited the Koala Conservation Park, Churchill Island and Penguin Parade. The Rangers spoke with the groups explaining animal behaviour and habitats, as well as the history of both aboriginal and European settlement. 

The camp is a highlight of the senior’s year and the following are some student reflections on camp....

All my camp experiences were great! I did have some favourites though! One of them was when I got to go on an activity called the giant swing. I was harnessed to a rope which the other kids pulled on until I reached the top. I then had to pull the string and off I went, flying like a bird backwards and forwards, 16 metres off the ground. It was such a spectacular feeling! – Dylan

My favourite part about camp was when we went to the beach on the last day. It was very cold. Emilie and I were freezing but we kept warm. We drew pictures in the sand and I took photos of them. When we went back to the campsite we danced to the song that each class choreographed and I loved dancing to our song. ‘One Dance’. I loved being at camp and doing the campsite activities. – Kathleen


The climbing wall was one such experience; it wasn’t just a wall that you climb, but it actually moved downwards as students climbed up. It was an extremely enjoyable experience because there was no end to the wall and people just had to try and stay on for as long as they could. In my opinion I am a pretty good climber and I stayed on longer than anyone else did. And that is why, along with the other experiences, Camp 2017 will remain as one of the best moments I will have in my life.                                                            – Isaac 

The wall was about the size of an average door. (2 metres) and moved up which means it’s like a never ending rock climbing wall. I saw the first few people try and it looked quite simple and easy. When it was my turn, I found it difficult but I was able to last a while. I suddenly stopped searching for a rock to step on because I was exhausted and out of breath. I found this activity really exciting and compacted with loads of fun.           – Angelina

The trampoline on camp was like jumping on light and airy clouds. We could do moves on the trampoline, like the seat drop, knee drop and back drop. My favourite one was the knee drop. – Khauv

camp6People got a bit scared because a lot of the emus were fighting for food. I fed a small kangaroo because I was too scared to feed a larger kangaroo, but I faced my fear and I couldn’t have done it without Mrs Francis. After that I was fearless. I fed wallabies and a cassowary which was a bit frightening but cool. I love the Wildlife Park and I hope to visit there again                   – Josephine

campThe others in line pull the rope, forcing the person up to then pull the detachable part, sending them flying. I was last in line, but the wait was worth it! As I swung, I tried doing a Tarzan scream, but because of the G-force, It ended up sounding like a “HELP” scream. It was my second activity, my last for the day but was THE BEST! – Anthony

The activity that challenged me the most would have to be the giant swing. I was really nervous at first but once I overcame my fear, I wanted another turn. In my opinion I think the giant swing is more challenging and thrilling than the other activities. I really hope I can do this again!!!             - Harshitha