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News from the Art Room

All classes are currently engaged with 3-dimensional sculptural activities and are achieving wonderful outcomes. Prior to Fathers Day all students will also be taking part in art activities to celebrate this occasion and can give these artworks to fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins –in fact a person of their choice. Invitations will be issued to mothers of students in Year One and Two to join their children in the Art Room for these special activities.

Prep Sculptural artworks are focusing on Book Week themes and the Preps are creating glove puppets of their favourite characters. To date they are working on the paper mache puppet heads with some examples below. They have also created a 2D background for their puppet. They will next paint the calico Puppet “glove “ in their Character’s costume before attaching it to the Puppet body.

Year One and Two are also following a Book Week theme, creating sculptured bottle birds inspired by “The Book Of Curious Birds” and sculptural artist Barbara Kobylinska. Adhering to our sustainability focus, students are using re-cycled plastic bottles, recycled feathers and recylcled packaging to create these manificent Bird sculptures. Students are also creating background garden collages with a birdhouse for each bird and a perch for it to stand on.

Year Three and Four students have been studying Surrealism and the work of Salvador Dali, in particular his Surrealist elongated animals. They have created surrealist elongated animals from cardboard, each animal slotting together to make a 3D animal sculpture. They have also created vibrant Surrealist backgrounds depicting the habitat for their animal.

Year Five and Six students have been studying Cultural masks from around the world, focussing on the features of the masks, the purpose for which they were made and the materials used to make them. They have designed and created their own authentic mask with features of their choice, using cylinders, plastic mask templates, recycled feathers and buttons, and a plaster/tissue paper mache construction technique. The resulting masks are quite spectacular and stand around 45 centimetres tall.

Another one hundred students from across all year levels at St Josephs will have their artwork displayed at the Zart student Gallery next term, with details to follow. The artworks will be Prep Urban landscapes, Year 5/6 Sidney Nolan inspired paintings, 3/4 Australian Flora printmaking ,and Year 1/2 Indigenous inspired landscapes. Art Club continues to thrive 4 days each week and many students from across all year levels continue to attend every session.

Judi Robertson

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