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Enrolment Process

Children who turn five years old by April 30th are eligible to commence school. Enrolment application forms are available online or you can collect them from the office during school hours.


Families of students applying for enrolment are required to submit an application by the end of Term 2. They then attend an interview with their child in Term 3. This interview may include the Parish Priest, the Principal or the Principal's representative.

Children in other year levels can be enrolled at any time. Please contact the school office.


Download the enrolment forms and scan the completed documents to email to the school office at or return the completed documentation to the office during school hours.

Enrolment documentation

All enrolment forms must be lodged with a copy of the ORIGINAL BIRTH & IMMUNISATION CERTIFICATES

  • Birth Certificate

  • Medicare Vaccination Certificate

  • Baptisim Certificate (Required for Baptised Catholics)


If your child does not have an Australian Birth Certificate, Citizenship or Visa Documentation is required.

We do not enrol over seas full feeing paying students. If your child is not an Australian citizen, please supply Visa documentation.

Enrolment Process
Enrolment Downloads
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