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Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing at St Joseph's

In partnership with schools and parishes, parents and families, we endeavour to ensure all students feel valued and cared for, have meaningful opportunities to contribute to the life of the school and broader community, and are positively engaged with their learning.


St Joseph’s promote wellbeing and human flourishing by nurturing the whole person – their spiritual, cognitive, physical, emotional and social selves. This holistic approach affirms that wellbeing is integral to learning excellence and ultimately to overall health and life success.


Student wellbeing practices, curriculum and policies at St Joseph’s are grounded by Catholic teachings and traditions. They are driven by four strategic dimensions that collectively support all children and young people to develop the knowledge and skills required to nurture their own wellbeing and contribute to that of others. These dimensions endeavour to enhance student wellbeing and learning outcomes by:

  1. nurturing safe, inclusive and healthy learning environments;

  2. fostering authentic partnerships between all members of the school community;

  3. enabling children and young people to develop a strong sense of self, whereby they are empowered to grow as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition;

  4. promoting innovative teaching and transformational learning that meaningfully responds to students’ interests and their needs.


At St Joseph’s we endeavour to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and values to enable them to face the challenges of the twenty-first century with confidence.


Wellbeing programs

Student Wellbeing at St Joseph's is enhanced by the following initiatives:

Chill Out Zone

Year 3/4 Homework Program

Student Voice (SRC)


Social Emotional Learning

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)

Community conversations

Drug Education


Leadership Initiatives

Intervention Programs

Seasons Program

Buddy Program

Cybersafety Program

Sporting Schools Program

Restorative Practices

Years 5 & 6 Camp

Chess Club

Year 5 Leadership Program

Whole school assemblies

Wellbeing programs
Diverse Learning

Students with diverse learning needs

St Joseph’s caters for the individual learning needs of each students and offers a range of services and supports to support students including:


  • School Psychologist

  • School Speech Therapist

  • Learning Support Officers

  • Multicultural Aides

  • Extension Programs

Student Voice

Young people who find their own voice in supportive school environments are more likely to develop a confident voice, a capacity to act in the world, and a willingness to lead others. By empowering students, we enhance student engagement and enrich their participation in the classroom, school and community. We help students to ʻownʼ their learning and development and create a positive climate for learning.


St Joseph’s provides opportunities for student voice through our Student Representative Council and through participation in a range of student forums in the City of Greater Dandenong.

Student Voice
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