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100 Days of Learning for Preps!

Our prep students recently celebrated their 100th day of learning for 2022 with celebrations including cupcakes in the shape of 100, balloons and students participating in fun activities about number 100. They also created some wonderful drawings about their day, and the cupcakes and balloons proved popular! St Joseph's would like to thank the family and friends who were able to attend and those who have been supportive throughout the year.

100 Days of School

I liked the cupcakes.

100 ngày đi học

Tôi thích bánh nướng nhỏ.

I liked the cupcakes.

Μου άρεσαν τα cupcakes


C̄hạn chxb khạph khêk

Em thích bánh bông lan cupcake

I was sick but I got my balloon.

Em đã bị bệnh nhưng em được cái bong bóng

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