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News from the Art Room

Year 5 and 6 students have been very busy learning to paint with watercolour, and studying Still Life Painting .

Focusing on the humble apple and on a collection of Christmas baubles, the results have been quite spectacular as students grasp this very difficult painting technique using specialised brushes and colour palettes to create light and shade in the artwork.

Year 3 and 4 students have also been introduced to the basics of water colour painting depicting

their imagined Nativity Scenes. The students have enjoyed creating beautiful pastel colour effects with the watercolours.

Years One and Two have been busy enjoying Art Classes with their parents and creating sparkling

Christmas Baubles for the upcoming school fete. They have also used food dyes and wax crayons to create bold vibrant Nativity Artworks.

Our Preps are having lots of fun creating a very special mixed media Christmas artwork which will depict a Christmas at home with the family fish looking at the Christmas presents under the tree.

At present they have made the fish component of the artwork and these”in progress” works appear below.

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