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Changes to School canteen and menu.

We have been working closely with students and canteen staff to examine how we can make the canteen work more effectively for our students. Last year one consequence was to close the canteen services on Friday and offer sushi as an alternative. This move was very popular and we plan to reintroduce sushi on the menu shortly.

Last year we also changed our lunch eating times to provide teachers with effective periods to collaborate, plan and to give students two quality blocks of learning time.

This change means we now need our students to have their main lunch at 11.00am. The ideal would be for students to have two equally good meals at 11am and 1.45pm. The first 11.00am lunch period is most important as this eating time provides the students with the energy they will need for academic and physical learning during the main periods of the day.

We are working with the canteen staff to have our canteen orders delivered to the students at the 11.00am time. Once this change comes into effect you will need to provide your child with enough food for each eating time.

Over the next few months we will:

  • reintroduce Sushi Day

  • have the canteen deliver food to the classrooms at 11am

  • explore and trial systems for online sushi and canteen ordering

  • work out the types of hot food we can offer

  • investigate ways we can promote healthy eating across the school.

Please check the new menu carefully before ordering. We will be reducing the amount of hot food available. This will allow canteen staff to get an idea of the demand for hot food and cope with the challenges of heating and providing food at this new earlier time.

Next week starting Monday 15th February we will deliver canteen lunches to the students at 11.00am.

Many thanks Alan Brew (Deputy Principal)

St Josephs PS NEW 7 Canteen pricelist 20
Download • 305KB

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